I have two wonderful parents, that are natural healers: Dad was an homeopathic doctor and an acupuncture practitioner and Mum was a cranio-sacral therapist. Like we say, I was born in it. My sisters and I were cared for naturally with plant based medicine, good food and plenty of fresh air, with a childhood nestled in the French Alps.

When I left the nest to study, work and travel, I used natural medicine intuitively to look after myself.

Later on when I had my first child and having a few health challenges with her, I decided to learn more about natural healing, to put the science behind my gut feeling. I could have gone and studied homeopathy or acupuncture but those somehow were my Dad’s subjects so I stayed well clear and studied herbs.

We always had herbs growing in the garden, and used them on a daily basis, as food and remedies. You plant them, watch them grow, and use them, a natural and uncomplicated process which makes so much sense to me.